Creative Profile: Interview with Angela Lynn – Author

I love supporting creative people! I love being a cheerleader for those brave souls who put themselves and their craft out into the world. It’s big and scary (trust me I know) and I somehow feel it’s my duty to help out however I can. That’s why I decided to feature amazingly talented people on… More Creative Profile: Interview with Angela Lynn – Author

Let’s Play Tourist

Those who are in the know, know that I a) love all things British and b) love history. My ideal life involves traveling, visiting historical sites and writing. Because I’m a party animal, yo. If I could catch a plane tomorrow and head to Britain for a castle-hopping expedition (like bar hopping but way cooler…and… More Let’s Play Tourist

When in Texas, Visit the Dead (or something less creepy)

Recently I visited my lovely friends Anna and Brian in Austin, Texas and they – being ever so nice – indulged my creepy request to check out the Oakwood Cemetery. Oakwood Cemetery is number 16 on the road to visiting 1000 cemeteries. Originally called the City Cemetery, Oakwood dates back to the mid 1850s and… More When in Texas, Visit the Dead (or something less creepy)

Remember the Zombies?

Last August I became a member of the ZAP!Army. Our modus operandi was to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse; endurance, weaponry, survival etc. Okay, so it was a way to trick ourselves into working out. Geez, spoil all the fun! Anyway, I purchased a cool app called Zombies, Run! and started running training for the apocalypse.… More Remember the Zombies?

Complete Distraction

Now that Brandon is OFFICIALLY finished work (until we move to Vancouver) he’s taken on the role – and official title – of Complete Distraction. With about 6 weeks left in Winnipeg, he’s hell-bent on making the most of our time. This includes taking me out on lovely – yet distracting – jaunts. Monday’s jaunt… More Complete Distraction

Life in Transition

So I’m knee-deep in transition mode right now. I’m writing this post from the kitchen table of my mom’s place (buh-bye lovely office). Operation Live Your Dreams is in FULL SWING. We’ve sold our house (buh-bye 1860 square feet of oh so delicious space!) and moved in with mummy until the BIG MOVE in September.… More Life in Transition